Sunday, December 2, 2012

"You've got your hands full!"

"Twins? You've got your hands full!"
"Twins? Oh, bless your heart."
"Do twins run in the family?"
or even...
"Are they natural?"  (To which I want to reply, "No.  They're actually artificial.")  : )

I know people mean well, but these comments come so often when we're out and about that I have to admit that they can get to me.  Before I was pregnant, I know I was probably guilty of saying cliche comments like this to parents of twins, but now I know how much those parents might not have wanted to hear it.  Being pregnant, and now having children, I realize more than ever how much people want to give you their thoughts on parenting. 

If you are pregnant with twins, or if you have twins, I know you can relate to this frustration at times.  I think I'm learning that much of this comes with the territory, but I am always sure to reply with the truth: how GRATEFUL I am for my girls.  That we have been blessed.

Reagan and Victoria are almost 1 now, and we have been pleasantly surprised at how different our journey has been than we thought it would be and how so many people told us it would be.  It was a little overwhelming to be pregnant with twins and hear others offer up negative comments like, "get your sleep now because you won't be sleeping after they're here" or tell us how hard the next couple of years were going to be for us.  I know moms and dads having one baby get comments like this, too!  Our lifestyle post twins is really not much different than it was before twins; that may or may not be rare for having twins or even just one baby, but because we have had such a great experience so far, I really feel compelled to share our story and some of our habits.

I feel so passionate about assuring other women that having a baby isn't always going to turn your world upside down with chaos or insomnia! 

Stay tuned for some posts that I hope you'll find helpful :)