Sunday, December 2, 2012

"You've got your hands full!"

"Twins? You've got your hands full!"
"Twins? Oh, bless your heart."
"Do twins run in the family?"
or even...
"Are they natural?"  (To which I want to reply, "No.  They're actually artificial.")  : )

I know people mean well, but these comments come so often when we're out and about that I have to admit that they can get to me.  Before I was pregnant, I know I was probably guilty of saying cliche comments like this to parents of twins, but now I know how much those parents might not have wanted to hear it.  Being pregnant, and now having children, I realize more than ever how much people want to give you their thoughts on parenting. 

If you are pregnant with twins, or if you have twins, I know you can relate to this frustration at times.  I think I'm learning that much of this comes with the territory, but I am always sure to reply with the truth: how GRATEFUL I am for my girls.  That we have been blessed.

Reagan and Victoria are almost 1 now, and we have been pleasantly surprised at how different our journey has been than we thought it would be and how so many people told us it would be.  It was a little overwhelming to be pregnant with twins and hear others offer up negative comments like, "get your sleep now because you won't be sleeping after they're here" or tell us how hard the next couple of years were going to be for us.  I know moms and dads having one baby get comments like this, too!  Our lifestyle post twins is really not much different than it was before twins; that may or may not be rare for having twins or even just one baby, but because we have had such a great experience so far, I really feel compelled to share our story and some of our habits.

I feel so passionate about assuring other women that having a baby isn't always going to turn your world upside down with chaos or insomnia! 

Stay tuned for some posts that I hope you'll find helpful :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching up

So I've clearly been on quite the hiatus from this blog.  I found out I was pregnant... then found out we were having twins... had my two twin girls, Reagan & Victoria, and now they're almost a year old.  It has been the BEST year of my life and I feel like I have so much I'd like to share about being a mom of twins.  I'm planning on posting some entries on life with twins, schedules, being a working mom, daycare vs. having the girls home, and everything in between.  Stay tuned... : )

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's official...

I get to design and execute the best house project ever!!! A NURSERY! We've been waiting for what feels like forever for this, so the hubs and I are on cloud 9!  Stay tuned for lots of nursery ideas that I've accrued over the last year... or three ; )

God is SO good!

Monday, May 16, 2011

First real experience with the sewing machine = success!

I've decided that I didn't become crafty because I have some great knack at it, rather, it was out of necessity because when I decide I want a certain something, I won't give up until I can find it.  So, I decided I wanted some thick black and white striped seat cushions for our kitchen table but couldn't find them anywhere. I remembered I had these lovely things and decided to try to recover them:

And here they are recovered
I used black ribbob for the ties as seen above.  I like how they turned out, and the fabric was pretty inexpensive. I think the whole thing was about $20!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

$3.50 project!

I found this wooden tray a few months ago at TJ Maxx (where else?) and I had an arrangement of white candles on it. Well, some of the wax fell onto the tray and I got it out as best as I could, but I couldn't get it all.

I added some fabric I found and loved but couldn't decide where to put it or what to recover, and voila! I bought a 1/2 of a yard so it was cheap as can be. I cut the fabric to size, and then sprayed adhesive glue (the same thing I used for our DIY tufted headboards I told you about a while back.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Inspiration...

I love all of these rooms and I keep them in a nice little folder on my laptop when I need ideas.
Thank you, Google Images!

Love these curtains from 6th Street Design School

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Front Door... Sort Of

So we're still trying to figure out exactly what we're going to do with the front porch, but one thing that we could decide on was that the front door needed some TLC.  When we moved in it was green, we painted it black, then we got weird for a few days and painted it red (hated it), and then we painted it black again.  Phew. Needless to say, stripping it required a lot of patience...

Here it is now... we really like it and it was super cheap. We used an "ebony" color to stain it. It was pretty dark, almost looked black, so we decided to sand it and put polyurethane on it and it helped lighten it up a bit.