Monday, May 16, 2011

First real experience with the sewing machine = success!

I've decided that I didn't become crafty because I have some great knack at it, rather, it was out of necessity because when I decide I want a certain something, I won't give up until I can find it.  So, I decided I wanted some thick black and white striped seat cushions for our kitchen table but couldn't find them anywhere. I remembered I had these lovely things and decided to try to recover them:

And here they are recovered
I used black ribbob for the ties as seen above.  I like how they turned out, and the fabric was pretty inexpensive. I think the whole thing was about $20!

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  1. The cushions look so much better now, great work! I recently completed my first sewing project too... a little throw pillow for my almost-2 year old boy!